Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
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I’m mad I still know john cena lyrics smh

26,121 plays Club Paradise Drake


In my eyes, this is hands down Drake’s most underrated song. 

"Remember how I used to feel at the start of it?"

My followers are fake. That picture of Kanye would’ve got 100sumn reblogs by now if it already had like 1000 notes on it, but since I’m the first to put it up, it got nothing. Same thing with the pictures of me. I’m an attractive nigga, but y’all are afraid to do something unless you see other people do it first. Y’all are literally followers.

just my interpretation of the situation

Man, my cheap ass friend needa pay his Netflix bill, so I can use it. Talkin bout “Your account is on hold.” Tf

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