I’m a make this song cry just like JAY Z

I lost a good girl like Song Cry, you know, by JAY Z

If he could have Beyonce, watch as he forgets you

You don’t have to be a super-starย 

you’ve never seen a shooting-starย 

I wanna be there with you

Is he with you 24/7 like how I used to watch Floyd?

I was a fool and you were my joy

but we didn’t get to see the weather in May

I know no one can see Mayweather, but hey

poetry art

I heard there’s more stars in the sky than sand at the beach

I had a star by my side, now you’re just out of reach

I’d beg and I’d plead just to stand by your side

and no I’m not crying, that’s just sand in my eye

poetry art



When your uncle get drunk at the family cookout

I just watched this 20 times

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